More than forty years ago epoxy resins entered the construction marketplace as an exciting new technology. Capable of bonding new concrete to existing concrete as never before possible, the chemistry moved into place quickly. Soon, a variety of formulations appeared for numerous other applications.

The technology to accurately meter and mix two component resins mechanically was to come later. In the meantime, resins were batched in pails, soup cans and coffee cans: merely stirred with spatulas and tongue depressors, and frequently installed helter-skelter as well. Early metering devices were “epoxy pumps” for injection. They were available only to the few who purchased costly franchises for the privilege of using them, and were effective only in the hands of those who were keenly aware of their limitations.

In 1982, recognizing the need for reliable dispensers for injection of cracks in concrete and other construction applications, the principals of The Trout Company (a firm which had specialized in concrete restoration, and epoxy injection in particular, for over twenty years) founded Lily Corporation, and introduced the first CD Dispenser. The background in construction uniquely qualified Lily to offer not only the equipment, but, and more importantly, application know-how and in-the-field instruction. The combination was a good one, for today Lily is the major supplier of metering dispensers to the construction industry with dispensers in use in more than forty countries.

The reason for this success is simple: our unrelenting quest for ratio accuracy. We sincerely believe that what we have done has benefited the many contractors who have opted for Lily. We know that we have served the industry well in the past, and we assure you that we will continue to do so in the future. We thank you for considering Lily Corporation, and look forward to supporting your endeavors with the best products of their kind anywhere in the world.